A Single Grain of Rice by Eric Carson is a truly unique art piece. Measuring just 6” x 8”, this illustration is on Birdseye Maple, a wood that occurs naturally in less than 1/10th of 1% of all Sugar Maple trees.

As with all of Carson’s work, this illustration is filled with symbolism and universally recognized iconography. You can purchase this piece and other great work by Eric Carson at Mezc Market

Mary and Beast by Suzanne Elizabeth

For Suzanne Elizabeth, the image of Mary is one of comfort. She is intrigued by the power of her image and the many ways in which she is portrayed. When each painting was completed, Suzanne felt they needed to be presented in a sacred way, so she created altars for them using wood, a votive, and a rosary.

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Jessica Woodson’s watercolor paintings reflect her fascination with Native American traditions and way of life. A common theme in her artwork is the connectivity between us and Mother Earth.

Take home one of Jessica’s pieces and you’ll also receive a free crystal infused with Reiki, a life force energy.

Discover more of Jessica Woodson’s work at Mezc Market!